Where do I send a dental claim?
Dental claims can be faxed to: 502-254-4077

Electronic: CX071

Mailed to:
CS Benefits Claims Department
Box 436149
Louisville KY 40253-6149

Do I have to register on your website?
You have to register to use our online access. After you register, you can print or view eligibility, print copies of your patients EOBs and check on your claim status. You can also print duplicate cards and claim forms.

Where can I find out what benefits my patients have?
You can call our Dental Claims Department at 800 843-7752 and speak with a customer service representative.

How do I file a claim?
Claims can be submitted by mail, fax or electronic submission.

Do you accept electronic claims?
Yes, we accept electronic claims at CX071. We do not accept electronic attachments.

Do I have to be a preferred provider to get payment?
We will reimburse any provider or insured based on the indicator on line 37 of the 2006 ADA claim form.

Do I have to file a pre-estimate prior to doing treatment?
You are not required to file a pre-estimate; we will do one as a courtesy so you will know 1) if the treatment is covered and, 2) what will be paid. We do recommend you do this for any treatment over $500.

Where can I get a claim form?
Claim forms are available from your dentist or on our website. Just go to Forms, choose claim forms and select the claim form for your state.

Who do I call if I have question about a claim or EOB?
CS Benefits Claims 800 843-7752.

Can I fax requested information to you?
Yes, you can fax to 502 254-4077.

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