Why CS Benefits?
> Personal, direct access to customer service and dental claim representatives… a person, not a machine, answers each call. These representatives are available Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm EST

> Freedom to choose any dentist with claims paid at current UCR levels, or pick from one of our Dentemax providers for possible lower out-of-pocket costs. You can access the Dentemax network on the bottom of our Home Page to search for a provider in your area.

> CS Benefits differentiates itself in the marketplace by hiring claim examiners who are experienced dental office personnel with prior chair-side experience or training

> Online capabilities for the plan administrator and each participant

> Each participant receives a personalized identification card. This card provides all the information a provider needs to submit a claim

> Convenient options for enrollment transition

> High/Low Dental and Vision plan design options available for select groups

> Minimum 12-month rate guarantee from the effective date of the Master Policy

> Dependent children are covered to age 26

> Participants listed on the last billing statement will be given credit for applicable waiting periods

We use the Dentemax Network with the freedom to choose from over 124,000 providers. In order to provide savings to our clients, all Dentemax dentists agree to charge members using a fixed fee schedule that is typically below their usual charges. Dentemax provides customized recruitment campaigns to target our clients needs.

We use the Davis Vision Network – one of the larger vision networks with more than 35,000 points of access in both retail and private providers. Davis Vision provides high quality vision care for a great value and lower out-of-pocket expenses for every member. Clients can enjoy live customer service dedicated solely to vision care 7 days a week.

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