Group Vision Insurance

> $0 Eye Examination / $0 Eyewear
> $10 Eye Examination / $10 Eyewear
> $10 Eye Examination / $20 Eyewear
> $10 Eye Examination / $25 Eyewear
> $20 Eye Examination / $20 Eyewear

> 12/12/12
Exam (12 months), Lenses (12 months), Frames (12 months)
> 12/12/24
Exam (12 months), Lenses (12 months), Frames (24 months)

Eye Examinations
Participants will receive a Comprehensive Eye Exam that includes Dilated Fundus Evaluation (DFE).

Participants will be entitled to a wholesale frame allowance or access to Davis Visions exclusive Collection, which includes over 200 name brand frames. Each comprehensive plan includes a selection of Collection frames that are covered in full (retail value up to $225).

Contact Lenses
Daily Wear or Disposable lenses, as well as Planned Replacement, which includes some of the most popular brands on the market.

Lens 123
A mail order program that allows participants the guaranteed lowest prices on contact lens replacement materials.

National Laser Vision Correction Discount Program
Participants are entitled up to 25% off of the providers usual and customary fees, or a 5% discount on any advertised special (please note that some providers have flat fees equivalent to these discounts).

Eyeglass Warranty
Unconditional breakage warranty to repair or replace any plan frame or lens(es) up to one year.

Network Provider
Davis Vision

Network Choice
Freedom of choice in selecting a vision provider is a core value to us. We offer out-of-network options to all members. The member is responsible for the difference between the out-of-network provider’s charge and the negotiated schedule of a network provider. If a Davis network provider is not available within 30 miles of a member’s home or there is no provider that adequately meets the particular health care needs of a member, we allow access to a non-participating provider. In this case, there is no additional cost beyond what the member would normally pay for the same in-network service. To learn more about your network choices, contact us at

Group Vision Insurance Documents